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Is Colored Mulch Safe?

Get the scoop on whether colored mulch is safe for your landscaping needs. We’ll break down the pros and cons in plain language, so you can confidently choose the best option for your garden.

Professional Gardener Arranging the Garden Mulch in the Front Yard

Safe for Humans, Pets, Landscape, and the Environment

All of our colorants are non-hazardous, making the mulch you purchase completely safe for shrubs, plants, pets, children. Our commitment to the environment also means our colorants are free from harmful toxins. Toxic emissions are a major cause of ozone pollution, and a significant part of the toxins released into the atmosphere come from industrial paints and coatings. We use colorants that are water based formulations (rather than solvent based). Our colorants are periodically tested by independent labo-ratories to confirm our products are non-toxic.
Male hands in gardening gloves, holding wood chips, garden mulch

Laboratory Tests Show Colored Mulch is Safe

Independent laboratory tests have confirmed that Colored Mulch presents no more concern for children or pets than regular mulches. While some parts of the world still use lead or cadmium-based pigments found in paints and coatings, the colorants we use do not contain those items because the manufacturer understand the risks involved with metals and VOC’s. The colorant is made from the same materials used in lipstick, cosmetics, and food containers.

The colorants were studied for acute exposure through ingestion, inhala-tion, dermal contact, and eye contact. The results were that the colorants we use qualify for classification in Category IV, which is the lowest concern category that the test recognizes.