Block Your Weeds with Weed Barrier Mulch in Illinois

Tired of weeds invading your yard? Try using one of our weed barrier mulches. We have a variety for you to choose from.

Some of our main choices include:

Weed Stopper SpunBond

This weed barrier is very effective. It curtails up to 95% of weeds while also letting proper elements, such as water and air, go through so your plants continue to thrive. The best places to put this is around pipes or against retaining walls. It will stop dirt and soil from coming into your drainage systems. It also helps the lifespan of drainage pipes. It is available in many convenient sizes. It is best used around decks, retaining walls, gardens, and drainage systems.

Professional Landscape SpunBond

This is a great weed barrier for professional landscapers. It provides endurable strength in preventing weed takeover and maintaining good septic systems. Its fabric protects against dirt sinking and is easy to lay down in target areas. It is best to lay around sand, patios, and stone decorations.

Professional Nonwoven

Protect your hillside decorations and gardens with Professional Nonwoven. This is a very durable and strengthening weed barrier and ground reinforcement. It is best used with slopped hills, patios, retaining walls, and ornamental stone.